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One elegant solution for easy access to global trade.

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Omni-channel payments for Small and Medium Businesses

ZenGlobal brings omni-channel payments to all SMBs who want to go globally. You can do without complicated forms and we are here to bring down all technical barriers.

One account - many currencies

Selling globally has never been easier. ZenGlobal account lets you receive, send, store and pay out money in various currencies and cryptocurrencies.

One account - multiple payment methods

With countless ways of paying online we want you to have access to as many of them as possible. ZenGlobal offers you payment methods that will bring you customers from around the world.

Point of Sale & Value Added Services

Brick&mortar stores are still relevant - use our Point of Sale terminals to fully integrate your business into the online world. Your customers will be able to pay with credit cards and NFC methods. Go beyond this and offer your clients Value Added Services like phone top-ups or the ability to purchase other digital goods.

All online financial services in one place, at your fingertips.

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